Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the way in which CoolCash treats and uses information provided by you, the User, during your interaction and engagement of the Services.

By submitting your details and/or using our Service you accept and expressly consent to the use and disclosure of your personal data in the manner described. If you object to any of the potential uses described you may not engage the Services.


We reserve the right to amend and update our Privacy Policy as necessary. Such amendments will be posted on our Website.

We collect information about you (personal data) in a number of ways including information you give to us and other sources such as credit reference agencies (CRAs), fraud prevention agencies (FPAs), and Social Media.

We may use your personal data for: statistical analysis; to develop and improve our products; to update your records; to identify which of our products might interest you; to assess lending and insurance risks; to identify, prevent, detect or tackle fraud, money laundering and other crime; to carry out regulatory checks; to keep you informed about your loan and for market research purposes. User records are linked with those of their spouses or financial associates.

We will keep your personal data confidential and only give it to others as specified below:

  1. to our agents and subcontractors, acting for us, to use for the purpose of operating our lending business and obtaining payment;
  2. to share information via CRAs, FPAs and collection agencies, for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud;
  3. to check the following records about you (and others where applicable: our own, those at CRAs and those at FPAs.


When CRAs receive a search from us they will place a search footprint on your credit file. They supply to us both public (including the electoral register) and shared credit and fraud prevention information.

We will make checks such as to assess applications for creditworthiness and verifying identities to prevent and detect crime and money laundering. We may also make periodic searches at CRAs and FPAs to manage user accounts.

If a User secures a loan from us, we will give details of the User’s loans, account and how they are managed to the CRA. In the case of default CRAs will record the outstanding debt and, in some cases, the length of time that the debt remains outstanding. This information may be supplied to other organizations by CRAs and FPAs to perform similar checks and to trace whereabouts and recover outstanding debt.

If we receive false or inaccurate information and have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud or we identify fraud we may record and may also pass this information to FPAs and other organizations, such as collection agencies involved in crime and fraud prevention.

Your data may also be used for other purposes for which you give your permission or, in very limited circumstances, when required by law.