About us

CoolCash was started because today’s lenders just aren’t cutting it. Banks and other lenders won’t give you small loans without lots of paperwork. We at CoolCash have embraced technology to present you with the ultimate borrowing experience. We bring integrity, quality and unparalleled flexibility to the table with our loans – nothing less from the Cool Group!


Here at CoolCash, we aim to deliver the best and most inclusive borrowing experience to all of Jamaica.


We’ve all been in a situation where we needed cash fast. But applying for a loan – even a small one – from any traditional financial institution is an incredibly painful experience. Once you finally get past all the paperwork, you have to wait while your “creditworthiness” is judged using methods that favor frequent borrowers. Avoiding the difficulty means exposing yourself to lenders who don’t care about your ability to fully repay the debt and would tie you down with absurd interest rates and fees without a second thought!

The CoolCash app is the result of our commitment to accessible, hassle free loans and the demand for affordability and flexibility. Now, anyone can apply for a small unsecured loan from their Android phone and, if approved, have the funds in their bank account within 30 minutes.

  • Applying is easy and possible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • We present all the numbers up front and even take care of the repayment process.
  • Our underwriting processes are rigorous and specifically designed to responsibly accommodate borrowers with little to no financial footprint.
  • We update your application status and if your application is approved, we disburse the funds directly into your account within 30 minutes.
  • Early repayment is an encouraged option: you save for every day you pay early!

From our hassle free and automated repayment systems to our first world interest rates, we are here to provide you with the CoolCash you need to meet your short term obligations when they fall due.